Program Information

Preschool & Kindergarten

Our preschool classroom is a full Montessori program.
We believe in using practical and natural materials to enhance the children’s learning environment.

In our class we explore many different areas of learning

We have our Language arts, mathematics, geography, Practical life, Sensorial, botanical, and puzzles.
The children will learn about a variety of topics from the 4 seasons, the continents of our world, the body, and the way life cycles work.
Along with these topics, the children will be taught real life tasks and skills to allow them to grow into independent youngsters .
The children are able to move freely through the classroom and choose the work they wish to do as the teachers are there to guide them through their environment and help them to make smart decisions.
We hope that the children will leave preschool feeling capable and proud of what they are able to accomplish on their own.