Program Information

Infant-Toddler Child Care

In the Infant/Toddler program, we are a Montessori-inspired room

Our focus is on offering a mixture of toys and objects for the children to explore and play with that include more natural finishes, as well as offering a learning environment that is bright and open, without being overwhelming or too cluttered.

Our main focus is on meeting the daily and long-term needs of each individual child, while also providing the class with engaging group activities that promote communication, team work, and problem solving.
We offer a variety of activities, set within weekly themes, which target the main areas of development, such as fine and gross motor skills, language and memory, and social skills.
We help establish a routine for the children, while still making sure to ensure that individual needs are met, whether this is through flexible nap time or accommodating different levels of physical ability (walking, crawling, etc.)
Our daily schedule includes up to 4 meal times, integrated circle activities and story time, indoor and outdoor free play, educator led table top activities and art, a variety of messy and stimulating sensory play, and nap time/quiet time.
Our program is led by a Room Manager and three other highly qualified and licensed early childhood educators with experience in infant and toddler education, who all strive to create an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, and inclusive.

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