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Animal Assisted Therapy


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As an experienced interventionist, equestrian and mother of children with special needs; and in consultation with occupational therapists, special education coordinators, physiotherapists and behaviour consultants we have developed a curriculum that helps Children with a broad spectrum of special needs. (I.e. Children that live with, but not limited to; Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Oppositional defiance disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder etc. As well as those who may have emotional or behavioral disorders from circumstances such as abuse, neglect or abandonment.) 

Our 6 week sessions can help build children's Self-worth, self-esteem, independence Social, Emotional and Communication skills, just to name a few. Along with development of gross motor skills and stimulation for proprioceptive awareness. By allowing the child to interact through tasks such as grooming, handling, leading and feeding and pairing with our animals; their new found independence and confidence will carry over to school, family and social settings. We keep enrollment down to six children per session, ensuring they get to spend special "Therapeutic Time" with the horses and animals. Quite often a child with special needs doesn't have a best friend.  Our therapy animals and miniature horses do not judge, they seem to understand, allowing a trusting friendship to develop.

 A program designed to target emotional regulation and non-verbal communication. Through the animals natural demeanors; children will learn how to look for non-verbal cues and form a close bond and relationship which will transfer over to general peer interactions.
Items we work on during class:


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